Chantelle. 19. Sydney, Australia.
I like woolly socks and apple juice.
I don't do anything interesting.

My uni is so cool/weird that we had a pop up reptile petting zoo today, in the middle of the main courtyard, I touched some scary things

Also this my 10,000th post, viva la tumblr!



sometimes you get so close to a person you forget you’re telling them things you’ve never even said out loud before


Only half way through september and it feels like the pits of hell are ascending already


You know what I’ve had stuck in my head all day?

My boyfriend gave me an apple,
My boyfriend gave me a pear,
My boyfriend gave me a kiss on the lips,
Then threw me down the stairs.

I gave him back the apple,
I gave him back the pear,
I gave him back the kiss on the lips,
Then pushed him down the stairs.

I threw him over London,
I threw him over France,
I threw him over the Harbour Bridge without his underpants.

I went to the bubblegum shop,
To buy some bubblegum.
And when he wasn’t looking,
I stuck it up his bum.

No idea where it came from but hello 2003 old friend